Where to Store Truly Unmentionables

The MUA Box

The MUA Box

Dear Katie & Kelly,

I have guests (friends) coming to stay in our one bedroom apartment over the holidays when we’re gone and I’m terrified they’ll find our secret “toys”. Okay, maybe not terrified, hahaha, but definitely would like these particular friends to NOT find them. Any advice on a the perfect hiding place?


Embarrassed in Edmunton

Dear Embarrassed,

There’s absolutely no need to be embarrassed. You’re not alone. Ask ANY organizer if they’ve ever come across a clients private “toys” and the answer is yes. Consenting adults do a lot of things behind closed doors that isn’t anyone’s business. Whatever floats your boat is our motto and it’s perfectly legitimate to want to keep your favorite flotation devices a private matter.

We stumbled upon the MUA box earlier this fall when we gave a talk to the NY chapter of the National Association of Professional. The inventor was this really, awesome woman. They have a beautiful box with an actual lock but there’s also an internal organizer that could go in your nightstand or travel with you. If you’re flying, just remember TSA will technically know about your flotation devices. Obviously, any opaque bag or Dopp kit could double as this MUA organizer.

The ideal spot to store these items while you’re away — whether they’re in a snazzy MUA box or not — would be somewhere your guests are unlikely to search like the bottom of a dresser drawer with a pile of your clothes on top. Putting it in your nightstand drawer or under your bed screams “Dildo” to any snooper as does under your bed. 🙂

Bon Voyage,

Katie & Kelly

Sex Tape Pressure

Dear Katie & Kelly,

My boyfriend is obsessed with making a “sex tape”. I don’t want to be a killjoy but it’s not really a turn on for me so it would really just be for him. Any thoughts, either way? I’m a Classic and I think he is too so it’s odd we feel so differently about this!

Sexy in Cincinnati


Dear Sexy,
Of course you feel differently about it; he’s a guy, you’re a gal! Sorry to be sexist and throw out stereotypes but sometimes they exist for a reason. “It would really just be for him” … until it’s leaked. Aren’t all sex tapes eventually leaked?? This turned out incredibly well for Kim Kardashian but for the rest of the world, it probably just means some future boss will see it doing a background check on you years from now. But, hey you never know, maybe that gets you the job?

Bon Chance!
Katie & Kelly