Hormonal In Honolulu

Dear Katie & Kelly,

I’ve always had a wonderful relationship with my daughter. I’ve always suspected this is because we are both Classic Freedoms, but recently as she’s started to nudge into adolescence, she’s begun to get fresh with me, talking back, and letting her room get messy. I don’t know how to handle it! All of a sudden I feel like I have a child who is the opposite of me in every way. Any insight would be appreciated!

Hormonal in Honolulu


Dear Hormonal,

I know nothing about teenagers other than I once was one almost a quarter of a century ago … but as a Classic Freedom, I can tell you that the only times I’m messy is when I’m working like a dog and don’t have the energy to keep tidy or I’m trying to annoy someone, i.e., rebellion. If this is your daughter’s way of rebelling then man just let it be, close her bedroom door. But, I bet she will not be able to take it for much longer herself if she really is a Classic Freedom. Alternatively, you could pretend to be a sit-com mom and start acting like her around the house, letting your room get messy and being fresh with her. It always works wonders on TV.

Surfs up!
Katie & Kelly