Get Started

How can you organize YOUR way if you don’t know who you are? The first step to being organized  is to understand who you are and then build systems that work for the way your brain is wired, not someone else’s.

If you’re the type who is always making excuses for how OCD you are? Enough! For those of you who want to have your coats in a coat closet but you never put yours away? Get real and get a coat rack or two. Stop hoping you’ll turn into someone you’re not. No shame and no blame!

There isn’t one best organizational solution—just the best one for you. Each organizational dilemma presents its own sets of problems that demand a unique solution depending on space, money, and the personality types of those involved in maintaining it.

So let’s get started. Next step? Take the PixieQuiz and figure out who you are if you don’t know already!