Pixies Personality Quiz

Once you take this quiz, which we promise is fun and painless, you’ll have a lot of “aha” moments. Don’t be tempted to answer questions in a way that makes you look organized or cool or whatever it is you wish you were. If you do it this way, the result won’t be your true personality type, it’ll be the person you think you ought to be. We all know being on time is valued in our society even if it’s tough for some people to do so consistently. There are no wrong answers. There’s no shame here.

After you get your quiz result, go ahead and compare with different Pixie types and make sure you identify with the result or do the ultimate “Bulls*** Barometer” by having a close friend read your personality result and tell you whether it sounds like you. Either way, self-identifying or having a friend second guess you is often the best way to know which type you are.

Have fun,
Katie & Kelly

  1. You’re into this new hit detective show, which has two equally compelling and smoking hot detectives. Who do you identify with most, i.e., who is playing you as the detective? C’mon be honest with yourself.

    The detective who goes by their hunches and gut instinct.
    The investigator who relies on facts and clues.

  2. As a whopping generality, when push comes to shove, usually, more often than not, etc. etc. you tend to…

    Be open with your emotions.
    Keep emotions close to your vest.

  3. In a glorified movie adaption of your life — y’know with a chiseled, six packed version of you — which statement would fit you the best:

    I’d be the one that implements a brilliant last minute plan that saves the day.
    I’d be the one that implements a brilliant plan ahead of time.

  4. You’re insanely rich and can decorate your home however you want — and your spouse/significant other miraculously has no opinion. (I know crazy huh?!) Your interior designer asks you what type of décor you tend to like. You tell them:

    Country: A farmy, rustic elegance. Sundance Catalogue.
    English Country: A feminine look, with lush rose patterns, something characteristic of an English country home.
    Modern: Jetsons. Minimalistic, stream lined furniture with absence of decoration. Design Within Reach Catalogue.
    Arts & Craft: Frank Lloyd Wright. Wood furniture, simple in form with clean geometric decoration.
    Traditional: Classic styling with symmetry to create a calm, orderly decor. Furnishings are 18th-century and 19th-century neoclassic French and British antiques. Scully & Scully Catalogue.
    Contemporary: Clean, sleek lines, solid colors, predominantly neutrals with bold punches of color. Crate & Barrel Catalogue.
    Transitional: A mix between Contemporary and Traditional design. Pottery Barn Catalogue.
    Coastal: Ocean inspired. Preppy. Nantucket second home.

  5. You’re sitting in a middle seat in coach on an airplane. Both people chat with you. Which one are you hoping falls asleep? (And yes, personally, we want them both to fall asleep. But if you had one Ambien, whose drink do you spike?)

    The practical person who has a lot of common sense ideas.
    The imaginative person who is full of novel ideas.

  6. Imagine you’re in some strange alternate universe where everyone has a personal crest and motto. Which motto would you choose?

    Peace and Harmony
    Logic Is Harmony

  7. Which one of these statements captures you in a big picture way, not necessarily day to day:

    I often think I should structure my life, but more often than not, I tend to just see what happens and enjoy the ride.
    While I often wish I could relax and enjoy the ride, I’m just not comfortable unless I have created a structure to make something happen.

  8. Your Fairy Godmother is conjuring up a carriage and footmen to whisk you around town, which pumpkin to do you wish for? Bibbiddi Bobbitty Boo!


  9. This one is a stinker. It took us a while to figure it out and we wrote it. But if our kid brother can figure it out, then anyone can. Ready? For the following two statement pairs, choose one from each that sounds most like you.

    I like to get the big picture and then drill into the facts
    I like to drill into the facts and then get the big picture

    Innovative ideas
    Commonsense facts.

  10. You are taking an online personality quiz when suddenly someone asks you, “What is your first instinct when making decisions?”

    Logic and objectivity.
    Personalization and empathy.

  11. Pick one from each of the following statement pairs that best fits you — umm, yeah, it’s another pair question. You gotta problem with that?!?

    Spontaneous fun rocks!
    Spontaneous fun rocks when there’s time and the chores are finished!

    I tend to pay attention to time and am usually prompt
    I’m less aware of time and tend to run late.

    I like to keep my options open
    I like to settle things quickly.

  12. You’re at the airport and the flight’s delayed. You have no magazine subscriptions. Nobody is looking. Which ones do you buy?

    Martha Stewart Living
    Real Simple
    Ladies Home Journal
    Better Homes & Gardens
    Elle Décor
    House Beautiful
    Good Housekeeping
    Vanity Fair
    The Economist

  13. This is a “Deep Thought” type question — does anyone else remember Jack Handy? (hee, hee) Throughout the course of your whole entire life, what do you usually find yourself drawn to more:

    Brilliance and ingenuity.
    Precision and realism.

  14. Pick the statement that best fits you out of each pair — oh yeah, it’s another one and Katie literally fell asleep while editing it. So eyes wide open, take a deep breath or, um a swig of coffee.

    I enjoy working in fields where logic and precision is paramount
    I enjoy working in fields where people and communication is most important.

    I tend to make decisions with my heart and strive to be compassionate
    I tend to make decisions with my head and strive to be fair.
    Some people might see me as either too task oriented, aloof or indifferent
    Some people might see me as either too idealistic, nice or indirect.

    When making a decision, I first consider cause and effect
    When making a decision, I first consider impact on other people.

  15. Social weekend plans — no not travel, just your run of the mill weekend — which do you find yourself doing most often:

    Make plans far in advance.
    See what comes up when the time comes.

  16. Are you a boy or a girl, Archie or Betty, Don or Peggy, you get the picture:


  17. You find yourself in Indonesia with a wrinkly, old medicine man reading your palm. Yes, we stole this from Eat Pray Love, the movie. Feel free to imagine yourself as Julia Roberts or Javier Bardem — hot Spanish actor — in this scenario. Which of the following wise sayings does the medicine man say after studying your palm?

    You are more often drawn toward ingenuity.
    You are most often drawn toward realism.

  18. Left to your own devices, i.e., not the unsolicited advice of every organizer, teacher, mom, etc… you:

    Write out daily To-Do lists or use a master schedule and enjoy crossing off items.
    Write To-Do lists, sometimes, but more often than not, you don’t need them to get things done — it’s in your head.

  19. If you had to rank the following (umm, say in a situation where magical pixies are giving you an online personality test and forcing you to do so), which would you put first…

    Commonsense and realism.
    Ideas and innovation.

  20. Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality type?



  21. Date of birth

  22. What kind of dough does your family pull in every year — C’mon, we have to ask these types of questions or we’ll never make any pixie dust!

    Not nearly enough for the amount of work I do! 0-$50,000
    It’s a decent living anywhere but New York City. $50,000-$100,000
    Finally six figures. I just wish there was a 5 handle in front. $100,000-250,000
    I think the IRS is under the impression that I’m a millionaire. $250,000+

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