Helpful Resources

This is a special list of websites that one way or another will make your life easy.


Learn more about the MBTI® or the Myers-Briggs Type Instrument®.

The Myers-Briggs® Foundation

A great primer on the MBTI® and what it is and isnt.

The Association for Personality Type International©

This is a great resource to learn about the ethical use of personality type study. They have wonderful seminars and webinars that can give you a better understanding of yourself and your personality type.

The Eight Colors of Fitness

If you want to get in shape and have been struggling to do so, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! Use your personality type to your advantage to find a fitness routine that works for your type.


Personality type can affect all areas of our lives, especially motherhood. This book is a great resource for knowing what’s easy and hard for you when parenting your kids (and dealing with your parents!)

Real Life Style

Lani Rosenstock Inlander is a stylist extraordinaire and someone who we’re lucky to count as a friend. A friend who has ruthlessly paired down our closets and taught us how to dress better and stay stylish without sacrificing our personality type.

Food for Thoughtful Parenting

These ladies have a great book that has lots of lists of ways to relax and enjoy parenting. Plus they have a great blog.

Mini Munchers

This is the ultimate guide to where you can eat out with your kids and not get nasty stares!