“I cannot praise PixiesDidIt! enough. I moved into a new apartment just weeks before giving birth to twins. By helping me cull, organize, and group, my closets became functional spaces that made the rest of my apartment cleaner and uncluttered. They added shelves and hooks and hat racks that made each space more clearly home to our multitude of stuff. Now I can actually find and use the things I need! They even found places to recycle all of the things I was getting rid of, so I could discard my junk guilt-free! I owe my newly organized life to the pixies!”

— Judith S., New York, NY


“My apartment looks like a catalogue!! My desk looks like Iraq. (The second phase in our apartment) I think it senses that it is in trouble and has been acting out. I can’t wait for Phase Two!”

— Rebecca P., Brooklyn, NY


“I am a designer by trade. So, surprise to me when PixiesDidIt! came to get an over view of my home. The pixies presented me with a document of recommendations, things to help the energy flow, my storing issues, the aesthetics and just general sense of a layout in a room or pantry. Truly I am a snob and can’t believe that anyone can do better than me, but I allowed them to enter my domain. Low and behold, my living room and pantry were transformed to my disbelief and shot to the ego. Transformed to the point that the next day my husband and daughter bought flowers to add to the living room. My husband and I enjoyed a rebirth of intimacy (I can’t figure out how a room can do that, but they have to do the bed room next!) and everyone that entered the room were astounded and asked why logically I never had things placed in their new homes like this prior. PixiesDidIt! transformed a part of my world and my families world and we are simply reaping the benefits of their very professional work now.”

— Kimberly B., a now humbled client. Tuxedo Park, NY


“We had no room for our dinner table, no room for our silverware, our furniture jammed into corners, our new appliances stuck in boxes because we had no place to put them. My pixie sisters re-organized the layout of our apartment to create room for our dining table, utilized the vertical wall space of our apartment to create room for our new appliances, re-oriented our furniture so they faced each other, helped us purge inefficient cabinets to create room for our dishes, and fixed our messy closet systems to boot. Thanks to PixiesDidIt!, we love our apartment again and never want to leave!”

— Patrick McMenamin (baby brother), Brooklyn, NY


“I can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend PixiesDidIt!™ to anyone looking to create a harmonious, organized, efficient and well laid out home! I was in a state of high anxiety about our upcoming move, and my husband said “Why don’t we hire PixiesDidIt!™!” (to which I wondered “Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?”) The Pixies did an absolutely amazing job! … They basically executed on every organization idea I may have ever had (or dreamed of) and then a million more I would have never thought of (but am so thankful for)! No more groaning over where to shove something in a closet because the Pixies were very thoughtful about mapping out each closet/storage area, and as a result we have room for everything. I smile each time I open a drawer or closet that has been Pixied! The Pixies created a harmonious environment in my apartment that brings me peace and happiness every day!”

— Elizabeth P. New York, NY


“PixiesDidIt!™ implemented lasting solutions in our home when we were full to the brim with kid stuff and needed to make a nice space for our second child. They have a great eye, suggested a variety of design options for furniture placement, and accomplished an amazing amount in a short amount of time. They see places to stow things that we hadn’t even realized were there, and used sensible organization strategies for clutter items like toys, hardware, party-ware and kitchen items. Having them there focused us and made us able to accomplish much more than we could on our own. The Pixies are really talented at what they do and we will definitely use them in future as our storage needs continue to change.”

— Alexandra W. New York, NY