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Dear Katie & Kelly,

I have a friend who complains about her life all of the time and she literally is one of the most blessed people. She’s got family money, has three beautiful kids, lives in a beautiful four bedroom house, is always dressed to the nines going to fabulous destinations and doesn’t have to work. Yet she expounds endlessly about the things she doesn’t have or petty things not going her way. Meanwhile my husband’s been in and out of work for the past three years; I’m working long hours. We’re making do but just barely in a small apartment and we’ve been trying for a second child for years. It’s so annoying to listen to her gripe especially because she never really asks me about my life. Any advice?


Annoyed in Alabama


Dear Annoyed,

Here’s some advice … dude, get a new friend! We’re serious. Sure everyone needs to blow off steam sometime; even those with “perfect” lives. We all vent to friends but any friend worth their salt — with any personality type — eventually asks you about your life’s travails, big or small. She should care enough to ask every once in awhile.

First, remember to count your blessings because there are probably many. Then distance yourself from your friend. We’re not psychologists but we like pretending to be and she sounds like a narcissist. Back away slowly.

All our best and hope things get better! They always do if you keep walking forward.

Katie & Kelly

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