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Life Should Be Easy®... okay, it isn't but organizing it should be! We tell you how to make it that way by giving you home and life advice that works best for your personality type.

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Life Should Be Easy

Daily tips on how to make your home life easier by emabracing who you are. We take today's home & life advice and show you whether or not it will work for you. Every week.

To Inspire Creativity, Deepen Connections, & Have More Fun

Parenting comes with a lot of responsibility and stress but it can come with even more fun and hilarity if you let it. Nina Coslov and Tara Keppler, both Organic Structures, offer great advice for all types because above all else they stress the importance of finding your own way.

Video Gossip with Katie & Kelly

Every week OR SO (umm, or every two years ... we promise to be back soon) ....watch a quick video of Katie & Kelly gossiping about current events and other fun cocktail party topics.

dear katie & kelly

Coming this fall! Send us your personal dilemmas — from how to organize your linen closet to how to get your mother-in-law to show up on time for Christmas dinner — we will solve them or make you laugh trying.

All submissions will be confidential and therefore we will endeavor to give each published problem punny pen names. Email info@pixiesdidit.com.

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What Do We Know?

Katie McMenamin, an ORGANIC FREEDOM, is Chief Vision Dreamer of PixiesDidIt!What makes us uniquely able to help so many different personality types beyond our credentials (i.e., we run a personal organization business and are both Myers-Briggs® Qualified Practitioners) is that WE ARE so different from each other. While we have studied personality type theory for 20+ years, we have spent 35 years figuring out how to understand and respect each other's differences. It has made all the difference in our lives and we hope it does the same for you.

We started PixiesDidIt! in 2006 because we were Kelly McMenamin, a CLASSIC FREEDOM, is Chief Problem Solver at PixiesDidIt!dissatisfied with the one-size-fits-all solutions to home organization. Traditional solutions don’t work for every personality type and while the home organization industry is slowly waking up to this fact, the solutions remain ad hoc and case-by-case. Personality type theory (Myers-Briggs®, Jung, Keirsey®) offers a way to systemize solutions for different personality types and we have set about to make this knowledge readily accessible and available to all. Saving people time, money & sanity.

So, how do we have all of this information to pass on to people? Well, prior to giving advice to clients online, we ran a service business in New York City organizing clients' homes and lives according to personality type. Our clients ran the gamut between multi-millionaires with household help to celebrities to regular worker bees like us. People with kids and people without 'em. We mention this because personality type runs the entire household spectrum as do home and life issues, i.e., nobody is perfect, not even a Classic with a full-time maid (okay, they may come close but how many of us have a full time maid??).

We had clients take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (personality assessment) at the start of a project. Then, we discussed the results with each client and developed custom solutions based on their personality types. While helping clients, we were simultaneously collecting data on how different personality types handled different home and life issues (yes, of course, anonymously!). Out of this grew a library of proprietary research that we now use to publish emails and articles helping different personality types to simplify their lives.

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