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What’s Your Organizing Type? You Might Be a Classic Pixie, If…

Figuring out your personality type and then accepting it is the first step towards the holy grail of organization. It’s like the number one thing we advise in our new book, Organize Your Way: Simple Solutions for Every Personality. (Yes, shameless plug!) So in the tradition of the great Jeff Foxworthy, we’ve come up with a bunch of tongue in cheek statements, that if taken with the humor they are intended, might help you figure out your Pixie Organizing Style. First up, Classics.

You Might Be a Classic Pixie, If:

  1. You write To Do lists, somewhat obsessively.
  2. You love checking things off your list as much as doing them.
  3. You have been known to have a draft version of your To Do List.
  4. You like things to be tidy and put away. Even if you think your house is a mess, it’s a tidy mess.
  5. You tend to be very judgmental of other people’s organizational failings. I mean what’s so hard about organizing?
  6. You are always on time. I mean who isn’t? Rude people that’s who!
  7. You’ve ever felt like The Little Red Hen, and harbor feelings of homicide against lazy farm animals.
  8. You have an uncontrollable urge to monogram as much of your possessions as you possibly can.
  9. You never leave the dishes overnight. You were not raised by lazy farm animals.
  10. You might have one area of your house that is not organized, but it is hidden away, properly, where no one else can see it.

If any of these statements ring true, you just might be a Classic. If they ALL ring true, then, you definitely are! And if they sound terrifyingly like someone you live with, you now know what you’re up against. It’s why my Classic Freedom sister, and I, an Organic Freedom, can only co-exist happily in the same living space for about three days before she accuses me of being a lazy farm animal.

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