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What’s Your Organizing Type? You Might Be a Fun Pixie, If…

To continue in the great tradition of Mr. Jeff Foxworthy, we’re helping you discover what Pixie Organizing Type you are. It’s the first step toward truly getting and staying organized forever. Here’s our humorous guide to discover whether you fit the profile of the Fun Pixie…who we describe in our book, Organize Your Way: Simple Strategies for Every Personality, as James Bond, yeah, that’s why we call them Funs!

You Might Be A Fun Pixie, If:

  1. You think personality type quizzes are either stupid, a waste of time, and never truly capture the real you.
  2. You’ve been approached by a secret service organization. Yes, we know you can neither deny or confirm this.
  3. You’re annoyed by people who are always telling you to keep a To Do list. You have one and it’s in your head. Who has time for writing this stuff down? Plus it could literally get you killed, not that this has anything to do with what you do for a living.
  4. You like to work with your hands, either in clay, make up, tools, or computer keys, ie. you might be an engineer or a member of her majesty’s secret service.
  5. You know how to keep things organized, down to intricate detail, if it’s something that you have any interest in, like cooking, spy craft, make up, pottery, etc.
  6. You keep tidy by cleaning up the minute you see a mess. Like at a party you’re the one in the kitchen helping out the catering staff. Or perhaps you’re making a dead drop, we’re not sure which and we promise we won’t tell.
  7. You arrive on time to events, which everyone knows is like an hour or two after the scheduled time, fashionably late right?
  8. You like to keep your options open when it comes to making plans, who wants to be saddled with your in-laws, when you learn about your favorite band playing a one time only event?
  9. You were a paid consultant on the latest James Bond film.
  10. You haven’t even read this far in the list because you’re already doing something else that’s much more Fun.

Okay, we jest, we jest. But Funs are a hybrid Pixie type. They’re very tidy people when they care about being tidy, and can therefore be mistaken for Classics, but, if they’ve got something better to do? Well then they do it. And time management? It’s why they’re often mistaken for having ADD. But we call them Funs, because they can come up with fabulous and amazing ideas at the last minute, which is why they’re often arriving to events AT the very last minute. But you still want to have these types at your party as they always inject a bit of fun. The key is to give them a different time than everyone else. It’s a bit diabolical, but if they are a spy, they might actually admire you for your clever ruse.

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