Who Are You?

bubbles-read-about-who-you-areSeriously, you know you want to know. So click here and take the PixieQuiz already! It’s free, fun (and maybe not entirely always accurate) but it will get you where you want to go in PixieLand.

If you just want to figure it out on your own? Then read on! There are four overarching Pixie personality types, which are based on ancient archetypes and our observations:

Classic (SJ)
Fun (SP)
Organic (NF)
Smart (NT)

Each of the four gets broken down further to Structure and Freedom. Classic is the most traditional, a typical “type A” organized person. Funs are your adventurous types, but paradoxically practical and adaptable at home and life stuff. Smarts are clever and inventive and can often deem “home” issues beneath them and while they all have trouble with the details, some approach life with structure; others by adapting to the chaos. Organic types are creative, prizing harmony above all else, so their homes are very important to them. They struggle with details like Smarts, but while some are gifted at planning, others take life as it comes.

Use the links above, read the descriptions with a mind towards who you really are, especially at home and not who you wish or think you should be. Life can only be easy if you embrace your true self. One trick is to remember your preferences as a child, before all that annoying adult responsibility, and then decide which personality type sounds like you the most — and remember, it’s who you are, not who you wish you were. If you’re familiar with personality type theory, then just find your letters for an approximate fit. While they’re not exact fits with PixieTypes, we’ve found they’re usually pretty close.