Virtual ConsultsNeed more help for a specific problem that our book or blogs haven’t addressed? Then consider a virtual consultation. Trust us, 90% of the time you don’t need us in person to get our good advice.

What you get

  1. A detailed analysis of your PixieType and organizing style, taking into account your environmental influences and PixieTypes of your household.
  2. A 1 hour phone or video consultation where we investigate the organizational dilemma you have. We’ll come up with a bunch of solutions and suggestions.
  3. Within a week we’ll follow up with a PixiePlan which is a detailed email summary of our consultation with the solutions and ideas plus links to products and services we talked about during your consult.


Additional Services

  • Virtual Follow-Up: If you’ve done an initial consultation (in-person or virtually) and now you need some additional help implementing our ideas or maybe you want a quick re-adjustment or a brainstorming session on a new problem, then we can help as long as you know your PixieType.
  • In-Person Consult: Everything you get with a virtual consult, plus an actual Pixie for about an hour or so. Okay, sure, not a mystical sprite, but a very friendly and savvy home organizer and personality type expert who will brighten your day and bring you one step closer to an organized life.
  • Gift Certificates: Give the gift of organizing. What’s a better way to express your love than saying, “I love you enough to tell you that you need a professional organizer.”