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I Have a Confession to Make

My Dining Room Table Has Looked Like This for Ten Days, Okay Two Weeks

An Organic Freedom’s Dining Room Table in the Middle of a “Two Week” Long Project

Kelly started it. She posted her “messy” dining room table on Facebook last week. And I posted mine. Mine is obviously messier and it’s probably a great comparison between a very neat Classic and a very messy Organic Freedom.

This is Kelly’s Classic table right after she finished dinner and didn’t clean it up right away. Madness!

Here’s the confession part. These photos were taken 10 days ago and I know without even asking that right now her dining room table only has a centerpiece on it. Or at least by the time she goes to bed tonight, probably 10pm because even when she was in college out drinking on a Friday night, she would lie down on the booth when she was tired.

But my dining room table? Yeah, it still looks like this. I’m “planning” to put the Halloween decorations out this weekend, but I can’t promise it will happen until October 30th. Regardless I’m going to keep you posted. And in the last two weeks of me being 46 years old, I will definitely be up at least until midnight, but y’know, in my own bed, and not passed out at the bottom of the bar floor next to a sleeping Kelly.

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