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Turning a Holiday Decorating Fail Into a Fun Activity

How to Do Holiday Decorating Fun Style

Decorating for the holidays is never easy. But it can be when you decide that a fail is an opportunity to do something fun. There’s something to being said for decorating at the last minute. 1. It gets you motivated because there’s a deadline. 2. This technique works best for Organic Freedoms, Smart Freedoms and Funs, the types for whom time is most challenging. Too much time can be a bad thing. Too little time can help concentrate the time challenged into action! 3. It’s also best to do this with other people. Funs most definitely created the tree-trimming decorating party!

My illness and my 5-year old have hindered my efforts to finish the holiday decorating. I made the mistake of bringing out the trains that I know are missing a part as my husband tried and failed to get it working last Christmas. But Samantha loves trains so she got me to bring them up even though I knew it would remain an unfinished project. Now there are boxes of train tracks and electrics lying around thwarting and taunting me. But she has been playing with them happily sans track all week, so it’s not a total loss.

I have finished decorating the dining room, but every time I look at the living room I see lots of boxes of track that I need to throw into the basement. But I gave up trying this week. Better to face reality. Family is coming to town today, and I’ve got other things to do! So we have planned to get the Christmas tree and trim it on Sunday after everyone leaves. Yes, this was my back up plan all along! The older kids and Sam will help with the tree, and I can do the other things which are the lights and fake holly on the bannister and fireplace mantle.

So would this drive other types like Classics and Organic Structures and Smart Structures crazy? Yes, it would. But luckily for me and for the 30 percent of people who are Funs, this is not such a bad idea. Waiting until Christmas Eve to buy a tree is not only cost-effective but also focuses time. However, I know from experience that Christmas Eve would be the wrong day for decorating the tree because I will have waited until this day for decorating the presents, so this Sunday it is! I’ll let you know how I get on.

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