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What’s Your Organizing Type? You Know You’re an Organic Structure or Smart Structure If…

messy pile of paper mail on deskThis week we continue our humorous Jeff Foxworthy rip off with the scheduling pilers, Organic Structures and Smart Structures. When it comes to keeping house, they’re only different in how they make decisions about the mountains of stuff they tend to collect.

You might be an Organic Structure or Smart Structure, if:

  1. You have been known to have multiple piles of paper all over your desk, you kitchen counter tops, your dining room table.
  2. You enjoy creating itineraries almost as much as you enjoy actually doing what’s on the itinerary.
  3. You feel blind when you don’t have your calendar in front of you, preferably with both month and weekly view, and To Do list not far away.
  4. Your fastidious Classic daughter never lets you use the good crystal when you visit because of how many times you’ve broken it.
  5. You feel empty and listless without more than a few projects on your plate…in fact the number of projects you have going probably mirrors the number of piles of paper in your world.
  6. You have a lot of books and/or photographs, mismatched and hung wherever you can find space, of which, of course there is never enough.
  7. You often dream of finding a hidden room in your house so that you can expand your tchotchke collection and/or “trophies” meaning things that reflect either your accomplishments or remind you of the special times and people in your life.
  8. No one has ever accused you of being a minimalist.

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