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What’s the Best Tracker Gadget?

imgresYou brain. Okay, yes you can spend money and time investing in the Tile, the Trackr, the Duet, or the other cheaper bluetooth trackers, but the best and cheapest way to not lose your keys, your wallet, your phone, the remote? Put them back. Okay fine. You want to know if these gadgets work and if they’re worth it. Well that all depends on how your brain is wired.

People like my husband, a Smart Freedom most definitely could benefit greatly from a multitude of these gadgets — for his keys, his wallet, his individual credit cards, his belt, his shoes, etc. The list never ends for these poor Smart Freedom souls, who really do need a secretary or a super organized spouse to keep them from parting from everything they own. Sadly, as an Organic Freedom who could benefit from these gadgets herself, I am not the spouse for this task. My husband has been given these gadgets twice by my family as gift and neither time has he gone to the trouble to set them up. So. Soon. I promise I will do this for him, provided we don’t lose them first.

Organic Structures, Smart Structures and Funs could definitely benefit from them too, and with their practical sides would actually follow through and take the time to set them up. And even the best Classics lose their remotes — who doesn’t lose the remote?  — so yes, everyone could benefit from them. Here’s a good article to decide which one to get. My folks like the Tile, and I’ve heard the Trackr is pretty good too. We are of course partial to the Pixie which is supposedly the best and the smallest, but it doesn’t seem to be available to purchase yet.

But here’s a real Pixie fix you can get right away for nothing: Give your keys, your wallet, your phone, your remote and/or anything else you lose on a regular basis a HOME and then train yourself daily to put those things back in that HOME the minute your done with them. Like a hook, or a bowl or a tray. Give yourself 90 days to make this a truly ingrained habit and you’ll soon find that those usually missing things are no longer missing. If you’re in a multiple household, channel your inner dictator and tell everyone over and over and over again where the keys go, where the remote goes, etc., and most  of the time when you’re looking for something, it will be right where it should be.

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