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Win A $200 Gift Certificate to The Container Store!

Take a Survey About Your Struggles with Clutter

I’ve always struggled with clutter. Mostly in my home office and closet, but when I added a spouse and children to the mix, that’s when I became overwhelmed. I hired organizers to no avail. Finally my organized sister tried to help her messy sister and eventually — after our usually bickering —  Kelly started to realize that maybe she wasn’t always right and that there might be more than one way to organize. And thus, PixiesDidIt! and Organize Your Way was born. Frustration AND children seem to be both the mother of invention AND the dreaded clutter that consumes so much of our life.

Earlier this year we shared some of our parenting organization hacks with Parents Magazine and they asked us to share this survey about clutter with our readers for a chance to win a $200 dollar gift certificate to The Container Store. Who are we to keep a chance to shop at our favorite store? So please take this very quick survey and get a chance to win $200 bucks to the best retail boon to organization we’ve every discovered.

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